Domestic Violence Shelter

As was announced on other sites, we are working in Kansas City to open a major domestic violence shelter for men and their children, in the Kansas City area.

I’ve been working with divorced and single fathers for 11 years. I’m not a lawyer, a licensed counselor, or am I even paid. I was left disabled from a semi truck wreck in May of 1988, and began helping to form fathers’ rights support groups in Missouri and Kansas in March of 1989. I receive Social Security Disability, so I’m able to do this without having to worry about also holding a job. My knowledge in this area did not come from law school books, but from 11 years of working with fathers and learning what it was they were needing.

That is why, in 1992, I researched and developed the membership manual for the National Congress for Fathers & Children. I saw that the father’s groups were not doing nearly enough for fathers, except for lobbying. But, lobbying efforts do not solve the immediate problems facing fathers. They needed to know how to deal with their problems now, not at some time period in the future when a state or national legislature chooses to do more for fathers. I was told that fathers weren’t looking for help with the individual cases, but wanted the laws changed. I knew better than this from my experience of answering a national 800 number. As such, I bought an old copier at a school auction, and began producing the manuals myself.

This is what I’m doing again, with the help of local fathers in the Kansas City Metro area. In my 11 years, I have seen far too many cases of violent mothers killing their children, and I have been to far too many funerals for these children. These are women who were abusive toward their children’s fathers, stepfather, or whatever current boyfriend they may have. After driving the men off, the children, especially any male children, become the next target. And though men may be able to take a certain amount of physical abuse, without major injuries, children are not able to sustain that same level, and live.

Simply put, I have seen far too much, and hell or high water, I’m going to do something about it. I feel as much responsible for all those injured and dead children, as the mother is responsible for causing the injuries. No, I’m not the one doing the hitting, the burning, and the starving of children. But, I’m the one, one of many, who are not doing nearly enough to prevent it. I keep hearing about people wanting to open a domestic violence shelter for men and children, at some far off date, when and if they have the money to do so. Well, all I have is my $710 a month I get from SSD, but I’m going to find a way to open one, now, and not at some far off time.