He provoked her to hit him

I was just watching one of the new Court shows, titled Judge Hatchett. The episode had a couple where a man was suing his estranged wife for cutting up his girlfriend’s clothing and assaulting him. She says that she had a right to assault him, because she had been fooling around on her. Now mind you, he’s a weasel for doing that, but had the roles been reversed, he would have been arrested for it.

What I found interesting is that Judge Hatchett said that he clearly provoke her to violence. Now, I don’t know about any of you, but I let her know what I thought of that comment via feedback form on their website. Some of you may want to do the same thing.

I would like to know what good it did her to assault her cheating ex.

It didn’t make him leave or change his mind about his lover.

And it certainly didn’t make her anything less than his victim again, afterward.

Because now, not only did he openly cheat on her. As if that didn’t victimize her enough. He then took her to court and sued her publicly for assault. Where he victimized her again.

He must really get his jollies off of victimizing her. Just as she must get her jollies off of being his victim. Because she allowed her anger to get the better of her.

Yet again, no one should ever hit anyone. Because it is a win/lose situation. The one that proved to be ungodly first wins, while the one doing the hitting loses, by default.

Together they make a good pair of well worn shoes for everyone else to learn from. Don’t you think?

Take time to learn from what you are seeing and see what you are learning from what you are taking time to notice.