I tell this to every living soul I come into contact with

I tell this to every living soul I come into contact with, even while standing in line at a grocery store. It’s called pressing the flesh. I’m no longer waiting for something to come to us, btu going out and finding it. As a result of making this commitment, I now have female police officers, an assistant county prosecutor for adult abuse, and a woman whose a producer at a local TV station. I also have fathers from other states offering to travel here to help to the remodeling. Yesterday, I received messages from Minnesota and Colorado.

This shelter will come into being. Then, it will be used as a base for opening other shelters around the country, not to make anyone money from the effort, but to fulfill a need. I will accept help from anyone, but not if it comes with a price tag that they get a good paying job in the shelters. There will be paid individuals, since it is not possible to fill all position with volunteers. But, a shelter director will not have any higher an income than a receptionist. And locally, since I will likely be the director, I will not be paid at all. I can continue to volunteer my time, full time, though I may move my residence to one of the rooms. That way I can serve as the live-in monitor for the facility. But, my room will not be any different from any of the others.

So, what do I want from you? Spread the word that a change will be coming to America in 2001. A new Odyssey where men need not be victims of an abusive wife or girlfriend. An Odyssey where more is going to be done to protect children from violent mothers. If not now, when? And if not us, who? The violence must stop. And we are the ones that need to be doing more to stop it. Help me in this cause. Help me spread the word. A new Odyssey is coming in 2001, and nothing is going to stop it.