I was beginning to wonder if anyone had read my post

Maybe no one has any answers. Anyway, let me clarify a few things. Maybe is sounded like I have been to court those 33 times without an attorney. That is wrong. In fact, I have probably had at least a dozen attorneys represent me. The problem is non of them were any good. They all had the attitude that I already lost so let’s just go through the motions so they can keep their retainers. They all talk a good story when you are in their office, but once you get in the court room, something happens and they become puppets or something. Here are a few examples.

  1. My very first one ended walking out with my ex and tried to sell her some Amway stuff for her employer.
  2. Another one met me at the court house and said I didn’t need any representation and that I could handle it on my own, and she left me by myself.
  3. Another one forgot his papers and didn’t even know why we were there and I had to explain the whole thing to him again in the court house.
  4. I had another one who schedule another hearing at the same time as mine and he thought he could handle both. As it turned out, I had to present the whole thing by myself again. My attorney finally walked in after the hearing and said he made an agreement with my ex. He never told me a thing about it until after he talked to the judge.
  5. Once I applied for free counseling and they game me an attorney who never did a family law case. He had no idea what to do. Once I had a minimum wage job, I made too much money and didn’t qualify for their free services, so I was dropped.
  6. Another time I hired an attorney and he didn’t even want me to come to the office. He said he would get all the details from me at the court house.

Once at the court house, I gave him his retainer and he tried to talk to my ex’s court appointed attorney, but they just said let’s see what the judge has to say. My attorney didn’t say much in court.