Perhaps a happy note

court systemSome of you may know what I have been going through to keep my sanity, my health, my life and my children from harm of the court system. I had court yesterday and the two lawyers met with the judge to get a handle on what to do in my divorce case.

After a lengthy bench discussion with both attorney’s and the judge the final outcome is that I pay my soon to be ex 6,000 from my 401k at work and then transfer my ssdi monies that are to be used for the 2 girls benefits over to her (which I didn’t want to not because of the fact of giving them but because I wanted to save her the agony of properly filling out the paperwork required every year) and I get off with $75 month in additional child support payments.

Not bad I say – however she will have to quit school find a job that pays more than 7.40 an hour and put the house on the market. I am no longer responsible for any of the mortgages and LOC’s or her car payments.

The bad part is that we both will be on the hook if the house is not sold before her money runs out. As far as visitation etc we are both custodial and physically awarded the children. right now we split the week between us. However come June I will be moving and we will have to address time with the parents again. It is going to be very tough on her because she really needed to grow up.

I hope she will be able to do so. If anything changes I will let you know but I have done my part at this point..