We will encourage mothers to visit their children

We will encourage mothers to visit their children, with appropriate precautions. The shelter will have cameras in all public areas, linked to a web site, to allow mothers to view their children from any internet connection. It is hoped that we will also have internet connections in each room, with appropriate filtering programs. These will include video input communication.

Aside from the room for fathers and their children, this level will include both indoor and outdoor play areas for the children, as well as rooms for monitored visitations. The outdoor play area will not be accessible from the ground and will be directly about the office. Access to the second floor will be limited to those with pass cards. There will also be a kitchen and dining area.

The man floor, will be the rooms from men kicked out of their homes, and in need of a temporary place to stay until they get oriented. These rooms will come with a charge, though not as much as they would be paying for a motel room. They also will not be a comfort room. The rooms will be prefabricated with utility in mind. This floor will include counseling rooms, a child exchange area for parents that simply cannot get along, and meeting rooms.

Off the main floor is a dock area that we will be converting to a law library, office, and convenience store. The store is to generate extra income to support the center. It will be the only one within walking distance of the warehouses in the area. The loading dock will also make a good area for ones to go out to smoke, without being out in the weather.

The basement will be the main kitchen, dining area, exercise room, and games for those staying on the first floor. It will act as a large meeting room for the local chapter. There will be three emergency exits from this area.

We will not only be offering help to men and their children, leaving an abusive home, but also to men who have been abusive, with the same goals in mind. If they want our help, they will have to undergo extensive counseling to modify their behavior, with the hope to keep the family together. Granted, the women’s shelters don’t have that goal, but that does not mean that we should give up on it. Besides, anger management counseling is helpful to all men going through a paternity or divorce case. Additionally, we will have parenting classes for fathers. This counseling will also carry a charge, though not as much as fathers have been required to pay elsewhere.

We are also ready to apply for fast 500 dollars loan online if needed to get enough cash for our needs. We hope to make this facility as self sufficient as possible, so that we do not have to rely on donations or grants to keep running. But, aside from these services, the facility will also become the center piece for the efforts of the local chapters of the National Congress for Fathers & Children. A place where fathers can come, sit down to talk about their cases, and become a part of the national father’s rights movement.

We will also be teaching fathers about responsibility for their lives and their choices. As men, it is not in our nature to like unplanned surprises, pregnancies being one of them. We prefer to plan and be ready for such events, so is it any wonder that single fathers are not ready to handle the responsibility of having a child. It is a daunting prospect even for married men. Most especially for men under the age of 30, when we as males reach our emotion maturity.