What was that?

definitionsDCS = Dedicated Child Stealer’s

In the interest of grievous allegations they can waltz into your home fully armed with their own opinions and take children from your home at your loss.

CASA = Court Appointed Swinging Axes

In the interest of the DCS and their lust offerings to parents… these fellows waltz in and try to cut you down in an effort to see you suffer at the DCS’s expense of you.

LAWYER = Lounging Around Watching You Entertain Rhetoric

In the interest of short comings these fellows are court appointed. They love seeing you suffer at others lust offerings. While at the same time allowing you to be found guilty of anything, because they can’t be bothered with your problems without getting what they feel is a reasonable payoff for helping, yet collect off of our tax dollars all the same.

ATTORNEY = Actively Trading Trials Or Requiring Needlessly Everyone’s Yen

In the interest of debts these fellows love trading their godly for lust and guilty verdicts. They will fight the good fight in court only to reason you grievous over themselves while they reason in your income at the lawsuits expense.

JUSTICE = Jaded Utterances Sustaining Treason Inviting Comparable Evil

This word in the court system allows prejudice. Not everyone is entitled to have justice. Only those willing to bring false testimony and false witness into the light of a court room are allowed to receive it.

AFFIDAVIT = A Fraudulent Form Insinuating Directively Anything Vile In Testimony

It makes me saddened and horrified to know a day in court with the way that these things are misconstued in court hearings. I am sure that if you have ever made it to the court day and found yourself loving a signed affidavit by someone willing to say that you aren’t a worthy parent because of one of these despicable offerings you are in agreement with me.

Just my own definitions of what these things should stand for in the dictionary.