Your thoughts find great sympathy with me

But let’s not start shooting the bastards ( as Claire Wolfe would say) yet. Why? Because God forbids me to kill another human being except in defense of a human life, and by that rule I can’t justify shooting any government official just yet ( OK there are a few who have crossed the line- a certain government sniper comes to mind). And generally, but not always, a warrior fights to win a battle, not just to prove a point.

And we don’t have the people sufficiently mobilized yet. We ( fathers, mothers, citizens, etc.) HAVE TO UNDERSTAND the nature of the struggle: that the government is in substantial violation of the Constitution of the United States; that the government as an institution is guilty of gross deception, systematic murder, wholesale theft, and criminal malfeasance; and that we are all in this together-men, women, and children of all ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds.

As far as the struggle of our children to have the upbringing that God intended, THAT struggle will only be won in legal terms when the US Supreme Court strikes down the de facto, systematic discrimination against male parents. If we fight only in our local courts for only our children, we will lose. But if we can secure victory for our children AND organize and fight together, we can win for all time. We HAVE to make this a national struggle. Let’s have THE MILLION FATHER MARCH. Let’s stop cowering before the sexist hate-mongers in the National Organization for Women. Let’s petition the Supreme Court to end the tide of twisted, politically correct rhetoric that passes for “nurturing”.

And if our petition for redress of grievances is not answered constructively, then let us assertively and aggressively conduct ourselves according to God’s Law and Will, and then if we are opposed by force, we shall then be justified in answering with force. But if we have not done all that the Lord requires of us, then all my .223 will not secure justice.

Keep your powder dry, my brother, and your honor clean. I have it on good authority that Good shall triumph over Evil.